My Step By Step web Design Process

Project Definition

A lot of clients aren’t aware of how to exactly figure out a budget for a particular web project or manage time for a designer/developer to complete the project. In such cases project definition service plays a crucial role that helps the clients to learn about the whole process of web designing. The company also offers different delivery options to their clients to choose from and the estimate to let the client get an idea about how much the entire web design project would cost them.

The project definition can also be a separate section of the entire designing process but it is quite important to include it in the step by step web design process so that each and everything is taken care of systematically.

Project Scope

The project scope should is crucial and should be mentioned in the contract. One of the biggest issues that lead to frustration in web projects is scope creep. It is always better to create a transparent project scope that defines the deliverables and activities including the timelines so that the clients will get a clear idea and can frame their expectations accordingly. Define each and every service that you are going to offer like every page and the number of revisions that you will provide and in case the client needs extra revisions then at what rate they will be charged at etc.

Website Development

When you talk about the web design and the web development process you will have to carry out the process systematically in different stages. The work start right from fetching basic information until your entire website is built. Next, comes the maintenance part to keep each and every website up to date.

Well the process differs with each designer and developer but to put the basics they remain the same

  • Gathering required information
  • Planning the web design/development
  • Designing the website
  • Development of the website
  • Testing & Delivery
  • Maintenance

Site Testing

None of the web design projects can be successfully labelled as completed without testing the site. This is the stage where the web designer will get into the details of the project and test the site. The site testing process actually includes testing various aspects like functionality of scripts, forms and test different last moment compatibility problems in latest versions of browsers.

A professional web designer who is acquainted with the new web site design plus development standards can handle it well. Apart from basic testing the designer also checks the code written for the website carefully to ensure it is being coded properly. Valid codes meet the requirement of the website as per new standards.


After the web designer checks the website and passes on the final approval the website is ready to be delivered to the client. A FTP program will be used to successfully upload your website to your server. Some web designers also registration for domain name as well as web hosting services and they also suggest the better places where you can host your website. Once uploaded the website is checked again to ensure everything is done correctly and if the website is completely functional.

Some of the minute details like plug-in installation or SEO of the website with appropriate tags, keywords etc are checked.

Site Maintenance

You may think that your website has been developed and the process is over but that is not the case. Your site should also get huge traffic and to do so you need to have quality content/products on your site regularly. There are many web designers who love to work with their clients in a long run and update the site with required information. Many designers also offer affordable maintenance packages at much lower rates based on the number of changes you ask for during a certain time period.

Some clients also ask for the services to update their website on a timely basis like they want designers to manage their social media accounts for which the designers offer different packages or training as per client’s request.

Some clients wish to update their sites on their own whereas others are ready to give full control to the designers to update their sites. It depends how comfortable one is with either handling their site on their own or giving it to others to take care of the site maintenance completely.

If you are busy and do not have much time then web designers can do the job for you.