How to design a website using html

It is a dream for everyone to create his/her own website. With the advanced developments in technology now it is easy to design your own website using html. It certainly is a thrilling experience to design your own site that represents your brand or services. Having our own website certainly makes a difference no matter whether you are in business, services, blogger etc.

Well, if you want to learn how to design a website using html, and then continue to read on this article which helps you understand the role of html in designing a website.

A website consists of photos, articles, videos, WebPages etc designed systematically so that each user can navigate through the website easily. After you finish designing your website you can use different web hosting services to host your website which means your website becomes visible on the internet.

What is HTML programming?

HTML is hyper text mark-up language which is basically a language which is used in creating web pages. Everybody who is involved in web designing should have fundamental understanding of HTML, how it works and how the codes should be written. The HTML file comprises of “mark-up tags” that instruct the browser to follow the given instructions embedded in tags.

This article will focus on basics of HTML programming. Let us look at what you need


Firstly, you require an editor program wherein you can write HTML codes. It is recommended that you use Notepad++ which is a free program and you can learn how to use it very easily and it allows you to manage the complicated HTML code really well. It shows the attributes, HTML tags and content in varied colours.

Image Editor

If you are little worried whether you need to buy software for editing image, do not worry as you don’t need to buy one. You can use internet resources on the web pages.

Creative approach is necessary

While designing a website you need to be quite creative and try to experiment a lot to come up with something new and unique. If you have creative thinking you can certainly design catchy and impressive web pages with basic HTML programming.

Install Notepad++ and begin with the coding

HTML basics

Remember every web page should begin with <html> tag which instructs the web browser that this is the start of html document. The web page ends with </html> which tells the browser that the HTML document ends here.

There are many more tags involved in programming but you will notice that <html> and <body> won’t appear in your web browser. You will just see the content that is present between the tags in the browser and not the above two tags.

The basic structure of a web page or the syntax of <html> tag is as given below

<html><head><title>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</title></head><body>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx </body></html>


Every tag holds its attributes and each of the attributes contain additional information regarding the tag. Attributes are supposed to be used within each tag as given below

<tag attribute=”value”>

You can save your html file with the extension .html. Open the saved file to see how the code displays the results in the browser.

Making your text beautiful

You can beautify your text as you want by making it underlined, bold or italic.

The text can be made bold using -<b> tag. To make the text italic use tag- <i> and to make the text underlined use <u>.

Headings Tags

You can use the 6 levels of html heading like

  1. <h1> </h1>
  2. <h2> </h2>
  3. <h3> </h3>
  4. <h4> </h4>
  5. <h5> </h5>
  6. <h6> </h6>


These heading levels start from biggest to smallest.

Customize the web page


Customizing a web page is basically making your web page look even better. You can accomplish this task by adding certain images, videos, pictures and many other media files etc.

Background image

You can use background attribute to add background image to your web page.

<body background=”image source”>

In the above code replace the “image source” with the path of image that you want to use.

You can also easily add the audios and videos to your web page. If you want to add lists, comments, tables or links you can use the following command.

<a href=”webpages/something.html” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” >Something</a>


There are many more things that you can do while designing your webpage. Certainly learning the basics of html won’t help you design a sophisticated web page but it will help you design a basic design wherein you can add things as per your preferences.


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